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Child Abuse and Neglect State Grants

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

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Examples of funded projects...

Grants to 48 States and five Territorial governments for one or more of the following purposes: (1) The intake, assessment, screening, and investigation of reports of abuse and neglect; (2) creating and improving the use of multidisciplinary and interagency protocols to enhance investigations, and improving legal preparation and representation;(3)case management, on-going case monitoring, and delivery of services and treatment provided to children and their families;(4)enhancing the general child protective system by developing, improving, and implementing risk and safety assessment tools and protocols;(5)developing and updating systems of technology that support the program and track reports of child abuse and neglect from intake through final disposition and allow interstate and intrastate information exchange;(6)developing, strengthening, and facilitating training including (A) training regarding research-based strategies to promote collaboration with the families; (B) training regarding the legal duties of such individuals; and (C) personal safety training for caseworkers;(7)improving the skills, qualifications, and availability of individuals providing services to children and families, and the supervisors of such individuals, through the child protection system, including improvements in the recruitment and retention of caseworkers;(8)his is the current language under number 6 on your sheet you gave me. (9)developing and facilitating research-based training for individuals mandated to report child abuse or neglect;(10) developing, implementing, or operating programs to assist in obtaining or coordinating necessary services for families of disabled infants with life-threatening conditions;(11)developing and delivering information to educate the public on the role and responsibilities of the child protection system and the nature and basis for reporting suspected incidents of child abuse and neglect; (12)This is the current language under number 9 on your sheet you gave me.(13)supporting and enhancing interagency collaboration between the child protection system and the juvenile justice system for improved delivery of services and treatment; and (14)supporting and enhancing collaboration among public health agencies, the child protection system, and private community-based programs to provide child abuse and neglect prevention and treatment services (including linkages with education systems) and to address the health needs, including mental health needs, of children identified as abused or neglected.

About this section

This section indicates the different types of projects which have been funded in the past. Only projects funded under Project Grants or Direct Payments for Specified Use should be listed here. The examples give potential applicants an idea of the types of projects that may be accepted for funding. The agency should list at least five examples of the most recently funded projects.